Video Technology Personalizes Instructional Design

After viewing a student video production on coal mining entitled “Footage from the real Silent Hill” Centralia, PA” , I realize that video technology is a powerful and engaging component in the field of IDT.  Questions that immediately come to mind include, how can I learn more about Centralia?  Is this happening in other locations?  How did this happen?  Why did it happen?  The opportunity for higher level thinking and questioning are numerous.  I also think it is important to consider validation methods and approaches.  Is this accurate?  What was the motivation behind this video?  The images are very powerful in the video and I couldn’t help but think that these kids were very cool.  I wanted to learn more.

After researching other multiple search engines, I quickly find that this is not an isolated phenomenon, as reported by the Smithsonian.  The video was very engaging, but a deeper exploration into why this happened that included interviews or experts in the field would have made the video more meaningful. However, it is obvious that students who created this video will never forget the learning experience and production content.  For example, the images of the highway were powerful.  The gas fumes and images were eye catching and I found myself wanting to learn more.

Recently, I came across a fantastic video site to use, which I think relates to this topic and assignment.  Vocab taps into the idea of using video technology as a powerful tool to increase academic achievement and vocabulary usage to prepare for SAT exams.  Video technology gives users a choice to be a participant, contributor, or creator.  Students now have more of a say and can utilize social media for reflections, giving access to many extended learning opportunities.

Perhaps the most important benefit to video technology, is the motivation aspect that can really improve the learning experience for students.  It is really fantastic to see students become excited about learning and recognize the power and potential they have within themselves to contribute and produce content.  A student in my video technology course this school year created the video link below, “A Word of Advice.”  The video she created was published and shared with over 11,000 viewings.   Her purpose was to motivate students to think about how they can improve themselves.

Word of Advice


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