Learning Analysis, Lesson Design, and R/Evolution

It is important to understand and pinpoint the needs of students and teachers in order to plan, deliver, and evaluate learning experiences.  In order for learning to occur, educators and instructional leaders must fully understand problems and focus on the quality of instruction rather then the quantity of instruction.  Lesson design must also accommodate 21st century learner needs, which is very different from previous conventional learning approaches, such as the objectivist model of learning.  As pointed out in Leidner and Jarvenpaa’s article , many instructional leaders view IT as an automated program and have yet to fully understand the importance of IT, which can be used as a “catalyst of change.”  Many instructional technologists will lead the world in the R/Evolution, which industry leaders and economists, such as Thomas Friedman, recognize is lacking in current approaches.  A shift from managerial leadership to that of an instructional leader, who models life-long learning, is needed.  IT will continue to push public K12 education to recognize that standardized and lecture based approaches are lacking. Collaboration, mobile learning, accessible video content, access to real time current events, and  virtual field trips will continue to push educators to think about cognitive processes.  Clear objectives and goals are essential for IT to take place.  However, clear guidelines on how to integrate appropriately are also a huge component to improved learning outcomes.  The R/Evolution presented on the youtube video reintegrates that media literacy and cognitive processes are changing.  Unfortunately,  many approaches to professional development ignores this new reality.  Life long learning, evaluation of approaches, positive communication, virtual collaboration, support, mobile accessibility, and encouragement is essential for growth.  


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Instructional Technologist 1 to 1, Avid change agent, Mac Enthusiastic, Implemented K12 1:1 program, managed offsite curriculum center in community museum, learner, PhD student in Educational Technology at University of North Texas. The future is now! www.why-steam.com

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