Self Motivation: How do we encourage and implement via learning design?

What does it mean to manage/regulate yourself (self-regulate) and others?

Self initiated learning and problem solving are a skill sets needed by all leaders, especially instructional leaders.  Self regulation can be used to empower, teach, and lead students, teachers, parents, and others to in essence keep each other in check.  Leaders must show enthusiasm, mentor others, and provide hands on management approaches.  The challenge for instructional designers is to provide an engaging learning experience so that students truly desire to know more.  Is self motivation taught?   How can we encourage student engagement?  I think modeling and employing passionate educators, displaying a history of life long learning, is a start in the right direction.

How does it bring you towards goals?

Self motivation pushes individuals to persevere during tough and challenging times.  Growth and knowledge acquisition occurs when individuals tackle real life problems or issues.  Failures teach individuals how to regroup, rethink, and evaluate decisions.  Robotics opens itself to employing many of the skill sets needed to become a self reliant or self motivated individual.  Frustration levels are often high, but the overall end result of the product provides a very rewarding experience.

How important is communication in this process and what helps/impedes it?

Communication is essential.  Breakdowns in communication systems can hinder individuals to continue to seek out answers or solutions.  It is important to have a backup, emergency plan, and procedures in place that address communication issues.  It helps to communicate regularly and to be proactive.

Good Advice From a 2012 Video Technology DISD Student on Self Motivation


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