Improving Instructional Design

How do you understand the differences between advanced and basic instructional design?

Advanced instructional design pushes student intrinsically to create meaningful and real world connections, using building blocks, to acquire new knowledge.  Instructional design is more than just presenting information to students.  It is the ability to provide students with the need to learn more.  Advanced instructional design allows for learners to have clear goals, utilizing a variety of perspectives, to allow for students to generate questions and to understand different points of view.  Good instructional design extends the learning environment to include an efficient process .  Learning technologies can extend the learning environment and give students the ability to consume, evaluate and produce knowledge in a social environment.  21st communication opportunities take instructional design to an entirely new level.  Advanced instructional design utilizes alternative assessments and provides ongoing student led evaluation or reflections. Creative elements are used to differentiate learner experiences to produce a positive outcome.

Challenge based learning is an area that I am very interested in exploring.  Advanced instructional design must be meaningful to the student, and I feel this is one way to give content meaning.  Students need a wider audience to develop critical thinking skills, to evaluate information after reviewing a variety of perspectives, and to propose or contribute their interpretations to a wider audience.


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  1. Some interesting thoughts here. I’m curious to hear (or read?) your thoughts on the type/skill level of instructor required to facilitate the items you’ve listed under advanced instructional design. Do you feel good (advanced) instructional design can be facilitated by anyone as long as there is a good plan, or do you feel the instructor needs to have some significant facilitation experience in order to deliver a presentation that has been put together to include some advanced instructional design principles?

  2. Advanced instructional design requires a strong background in learning technologies, solid teaching experience, and a love for lifelong learning. An expert in this field should understand the daily challenges faced by teachers “in the trenches.” Many in the field lack in interest or experience in one of the three requirements mentioned above. A good plan doesn’t always lead to a great lesson delivery experience for teachers.

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