Sun + Technology + Earth + Art + MMS = NASA Sun Earth Day Celebration

Students that participated in Dublin/RYSS’s Joint Art Workshop in the spring of 2012 utilized solar weather data images provided by NASA to produce digital art that was used for the backdrop during NASA Edge’s press conference held to celebrate Sun Earth Day 2013.  Tom Chamber’s students attending RYSS and DISD students researched academic vocabulary related to space weather and the sun to develop a working knowledge and purpose surrounding the mission.  Students from RYSS traveled to DISD to teach students how to utilize GIMP and utilize NASA data images to create a personal reflection surrounding the mission.

Dublin Independent School District is located in central rural Texas and is beginning its second year studying about NASA’s MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission).  Students are learning about solar weather, earth’s magnetosphere, and magnetic force.  Students participating in DISD’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, 2012 camp experienced joint PD with teachers learning 21st Century skills and STEAM career opportunities.

STEAM camp produced much excitement in Dublin during the fall of 2012, and students formed a robotics club to focus on the engineering components.  Students attended their first robotics competition, hosted a MARS party to teach skills to a neighboring district, and participated in PIE (partners in education) showcase during the spring of 2013.

DISD will host another STEAM camp during June of 2013 to learn more about how the sun can be utilized as a renewable energy source.  Students in Texas were very excited to see their work showcased yesterday.

NASA’s MMS Educational Resources 

Creativity Tools


STEAM Resources

NASA EDGE Sun Earth Day 

Dublin ISD/RYSS NASA Edge Webcast


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