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Personal Learning Theory Reflection

Write a reflection on the feedback you received from peers and instructor. What do you agree with? Why? What do you disagree with? Why? How has this experience changed or not changed your perspective on your theory? 

After presenting my personal learning reflection, I realize the importance of distinction between  constructivism versus constructionism. Constructivism, internal in nature,  centers on Jean Piaget’s theory of knowledge is presented from learner’s previous learning experiences. I believe that knowledge is  built from previous learning experiences, which is a deeper cognitive process from behaviorist theories. Social situations, external in nature or social constructionism, promote active learning environments assists in aiding learners to build upon previous experiences. It is important to introduce learners to the real world. It is important that I clarify the definition and importance of Piaget’s teachings. This perception is diversified, individualized, during reflection. Construcutivism is more cognitive, and  constructionist is to social construction or social awareness and centered on collaboration. As a result of the prior experience, I will agree with the instructor and present a clear distinction between the two terms. I realize that I need to be clearer towards my approach to explaining my outlook to personal learning. 


My Viewpoints Towards Personal Learning

How well supported does your personal theory feel? What research could you do in order to support your theory? What methods would you employ?