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Exploring Voicethread Using PBL and ARCS Instructional Design Approaches

VoiceThread can provide a powerful communication mechanism to facilitate increased student attention, confidence,  relevance, and satisfaction. Often students lack self-motivation, do not feel confident in online learning environments, lack feedback, support, or don’t a clear understanding of course expectations. Implementing J.M Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation (1983) through VoiceThread can increase student engagement and student motivation within blended learning environments.

Working with a GT teacher, Patty Christensen at Carroll ISD last year, we designed a VoiceThread project as a component within a 5th grade GT Project Based Learning (PBL) ELA and Social Studies lesson. As her instructional digital coach, I was able to assist Patty through the design of a PBL activity that implemented many blended learning components employing VoiceThread, KidBlog, and Edmodo. Students took the career role of a library scientist and investigated a famous creative leader. Activities led students through a media literacy series of activities to critically review journal articles and biographies about their famous leader’s life. Through this project, students connect prior learning to a current real world scenario or issue. Research materials were stored using Edmodo, making information accessible outside of class. Students presented their projects using VoiceThread and peers reviewed and facilitated feedback and questioning using ARCs instructional model within VoiceThread. Afterwards, students reflected about the experience in KidBlog, embedding all components of the project based learning activity.

Patty will be sharing her PBL project with me at TCEA’s ELA/SS Academy on Tuesday, Feb.  We hope you find some of these resources useful.


In Search of Creative Leaders PBL Lesson

Patty Christensen’s  Website