I am a district instructional technologist, STEAM enthusiast, student, teacher, leader and change agent.  My experiences in the field of educational computing and leadership includes the following:   overseeing and maintaining  all student learning and course management systems, information systems, student email, and website.  I have created and implemented district technology plans,  assisted with erate, 1:1 implementation with our iPod Touch and MacBook deployment, 21st century training, developed an offsite curriculum center in our 5 local museums, and assisted with vertically aligning the curriculum  with integration practices by training teachers at all grade levels. In addition, I am a passionate contributor to the field of instructional technology. Instructional connections using technology can bridge the gap and level the playing field, and can really aid in helping bilingual populations meet higher expectations. I believe that technology can be used as a tool to bridge communities, build relationships and communication, and encourage all stakeholders to have access to information to aid in increasing student performance and achievements. For example, I have implemented an offsite curriculum center to encourage a community of learning, facilitate a community computer bilingual and regular lab where students teach content to adults to bridge relationships, and work closely with industry and business leaders to integrate real world scenarios into curriculum. Our first grade students, for instance, got to Skype with the local bank to learn about currency and watch their lunch money go through the bank’s money machine. Students at the high school level create and publish content for our local museums about local contributions towards global problems.   As a life long learner, I am working towards completing a PhD in the field of educational computing and cognitive systems at the University of North Texas.

Qualifications include over ten years experience in the 9-Post Secondary blended classrooms.  Also, I am an instructional coach, certified Master Technology Teacher.  I earned a Masters Degree of Science in Information Systems and serve as a TCEA certified technology director.  Goals include to continue working on a PhD in Educational Computing and Cognitive Systems with University of North Texas’s online program.   As an advocate in the field of 21st century learning technologies, I have led professional development for all campuses in Dublin ISD, TCEA Area 10 & 11, Project Share training for many large districts, 21st Century Training for trainers and curriculum directors in large districts, and was recently selected by NASA ISTE MMS 2014 integration program as a curriculum contributor.

As a leader and life-long learner, I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm .  I would love to contribute to your organization on how to best build or improve learning communities.

To access my portfolio, www.why-steam.com .

Social Media:
LinkedIn: Jennifer Miller,
Twitter: JenniferMiller9
Skype as JenniferMiller34
Facebook: Jennifer Horner Miller


Dublin ISD 2012 NXT TCEA Training for STEAM 2012 Camp

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